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Auxiliary Force Cadets get their own Cutting Edge cars

February 4 - The Winnipeg Police Service announced the formation of its new initiative to enhance services to the citizens of Winnipeg early last year. Recruit Class #1 of the Auxiliary Cadets graduated this month, and they will take to the streets in their own specially branded cars.

The design follows that of the new cruisers, with a few not-so-subtle differences designed, manufactured, and installed by Cutting Edge Graphics. The cars will be branded with the word "CADETS", and the primary colour will match their uniform shirts and jackets. All graphic elements of these cars are produced using reflective materials, ensuring the Cadets receive the same considerations for safety as their senior counterparts.

Winnipeg Police Auxiliary Cadets Cruiser

Cutting Edge Graphics receive "Best Dressed Police Vehicle"

January 7 - In July, the Winnipeg Police Service announced their newly designed cruiser graphics. It had been over twenty years that the service had been using the narrow blue stripes. The new livery was conceived by members of the police force and their vehicle services team. They brought their thoughts to Cutting Edge Graphics, who turned the concepts into reality.

This month, Blue Line Magazine recognized the new design as the year's best dressed police vehicle. Blue Line Magazine is Canada's largest law enforcement publication, and their contest recognizes innovation in the design of fleet graphics across the nation. Entries are judged on a scale that awards points for readability, creativity, visibilty, and community identity.

The Blue Line judging panel chose this vehicle for its ability to stand out and be easily identified within the community. The design was specially noted for the enhanced officer safety aspects. Every single element of the fleet markings is made of reflective material. The careful selection of these products enhances the visibility of the officers, providing them with the best chances of completing their shifts safely.

The bulk of the graphics have been produced using a removable adhesive vinyl, allowing for quick and chemical free removal of markings. This feature is of particular benefit when occassions arise that require expedient turnover, such as changing a vehicle's duties, or removing the vehicle from active service altogether.

Winnipeg Police Service Cruiser

Cold Weather, Hot Bird, Cutting Edge Graphics

December 6 - The Winnipeg Police Service unveiled the new helicopter that will provide a unique aerial perspective and assist officers in enhancing public safety. The newest tool in the Police Service's arsenal will be easy to identify, thanks to the prominent graphics supplied by Cutting Edge.

Photos of the unfinished panels were supplied to Cutting Edge Graphics, who extrapolated measurements, and input them into CAD software. The graphics were then cut with exacting precision on one of the company's vinyl plotters. Not an undaunting task, as the Police crest alone had over 300 individual elements, each of which had to be hand weeded. A transfer tape was then applied to the graphics to ease installation for the end user.

The finished graphics were then securely packaged and shipped to the Eurocopter facilities in Ontario, where they were installed by factory staff as the final process in the helicopter build.

Winnipeg Police Service Helicopter

Cutting Edge Graphics - GALLERY!

April 10 - After far too long without one, we've finally been able to put up the beginnings of an online portfolio of our work! It is our hopes that this set of images will shed a little more light onto what all we're capable of here at Cutting Edge Graphics.

FAR from complete at the moment, as more and more images are uploaded, we'll eventually break them up into various categories. As time permits, we'll also be adding a description to go along with each image, making note of the materials and processes used, the intended applications, and in some cases a little something about the client themselves.

Should you have any questions about the products you see, or have suggestions or submissions for the gallery itself, please do not hesitate to contact us at Info@CEgraphics.com.

Cutting Edge Graphics at the World of Wheels

April 1 - Although we didn't have a display of our own at the World of Wheels this year, Cutting Edge Graphics was still very well represented throughout the show:

The Winnipeg Free Press unveiled the beginnings of its Tuner 3 - Cobalt SS to the public. Although adorned with nothing more than sponsor decals for now, through a collaboration with the Grafitti Gallery the Tuner will be sporting some very "Cutting Edge" graphics by summer.

Super Chevy's display included a 1969 "Yenko" Chevelle, complete with reproduction hood and bodyside stripes, designed and installed by Cutting EDGE Graphics. To compliment the 578 horsepower car, a matching themed display board was created, relaying many of the car's finer features to the public.

Not to be outdone, the owner of a 1967 Camaro RS in the same Super Chevy display commisioned Cutting EDGE Graphics to create a signboard for his showpiece. The bright orange acrylic display board pointed out many of the car's details - including the fact that it had undergone a complete frame-off restoration!

At the Motion Performance booth, Cutting Edge Graphics put together an information board to help Brad Davies with all of the questioning about his Turbo 1998 Nissan 240 SX. The graphics were printed translucent blue onto a metallic silver vinyl, which was then applied to panel of water-jet shaped aluminum. The final result was a perfect match to the House of Kolor - Kandy Blue on the 500+ horsepower machine.

Canadian Super Shop was out in full force this year, with the biggest and best display they've shown to date. With banners and display items designed and manufactured by Cutting Edge Graphics, their presence was easily ascertainable from anywhere within the convention centre hall.

George Barris was one of the many celebrities in attendance at the show. Easily the best-known designer of custom cars in the world, with some justification he styles himself, "King of the Kustomizers". Cutting Edge Graphics' opportunity to sit and visit with the great designer was without a doubt, the highlight of the weekend.

Cutting Edge Graphics voted #1

March 2 - For the second year in a row, Wpg Cruise Automotive Magazine asked their readership of over 30,000 to vote on who does what best. For six weeks readers voted online, by fax, and by mail to tell who they thought was the best of the best in 26 automotive fields. The 2nd Annual Performance Awards placed Cutting Edge Graphics FIRST for "Best Decals and Graphics".

Cutting Edge Graphics joins SEMA

February 6 - For four decades SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, has been at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket - a unique industry dedicated to the enhanced performance, appearance and handling of all types of passenger cars, light trucks and recreational vehicles.

As a member of its Professional Restylers Council (PRO), Cutting Edge Graphics will work with SEMA to build solid, mutually beneficial relationships with OEMs and new- and used-vehicle dealers, participate in ongoing efforts to elevate the level of professionalism throughout all sectors of the industry, enhance customer satisfaction, and have a voice on issues that impact the industry.

New Year, New Look for Cutting Edge Graphics

January 1 - The first days of January bring more than just a new year to Cutting Edge Graphics, big changes have been in the works for quite a while, and it's about time we start rolling them out:

The most readily apparent change is in the website itself. Along with what we believe to be a much sleeker look, the current setup is hoped to make navigation around the site more intuitive. We've also answered some of the most frequently asked questions in an expanded Technical section of the site, and tried to briefly describe most of the Products and Services we offer. We've just barely scratched the surface in this last regard as new materials, processes, and applications become available on an almost daily basis. Rest assured we'll be updating these sections regularly.

We have a new location! Long overdue, by moving operations from North Kildonan to Fort Rouge, we're now in a much more central location of Winnipeg. Barely a couple of minutes from downtown, this move places us no more than 20 minutes from just about anywhere in the city.

Thank you for visiting, and come back often to see what's new to this, our ever-expanding online presence!